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The perils of fast fashion, c. 1969 (these are both from the same work, a 1960s photographic handbook)

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The things you learn: photographic identification cards existed as early as 1861 in some form

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Ha! The Discord GDPR/Data Export thing reveals that it's running models to figure out what gender you are. If you go to /activity/analytics/events-*.json and grep for predicted_gender you get something like:

{ "user_id": "282657081457115136", "predicted_gender": "male", "probability": 0.8413839340209961, "prob_male": 0.8413839340209961, "prob_female": 0.11650349199771881, "prob_non_binary_gender_expansive": 0.04211260750889778, "model_version": "2024-05-08T00:00:00.000000Z", "day_pt": "2024-05-15 00:00:00 UTC" }

Anyway, they seem to have this datapoint _over time_! Meaning you can make a graph of how male/female/NB you are according to discord, here is mine:

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How to tell your OSS is ridiculously popular: people aren't 100% sure they _didn't_ embed it, and tack on the software equivalent of "packaged in a facility where peanuts were also present" to the license list.

This watch contains software, so statistically probably contains at least traces of curl.

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“On the second Friday of March 2020, before the first UK lockdown had begun – though talk of it was everywhere – I was listening to the BBC news and boiling pasta for my children’s tea when a line of verse ran through my head…”

—Jeremy Noel-Tod on Edwin Muir’s “The Horses”

#Scottish #literature #poetry #Orkney #Modernism #20thcentury #postapocalypse #lockdown

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Bumpity doun in the corrie gaed whuddran the pitiless whun stane.
Sisyphus, pechan and sweitan, disjaskit, forfeuchan and broun’d-aff,
sat on the heather a hanlawhile…

—“Sisyphus”, by Robert Garioch (1909–1981) – born #OTD, 9 May

#Scottish #literature #Scots #poetry #mythology

Watch an animation of the poem, read by Garioch, on Scotland on Screen:

dispatches from a century ago: the Scottish football clubs met and agreed that no player needed to be paid more than £200 a year.

(the same issue of the paper had various adverts for domestic cooks at £50 a year, to give you an idea of where that stood)

Not sure you really need an AI for this one. I mean, surely, how many genuine Renoirs and Monets do you *think* are being sold on eBay?

Alec Douglas-Home, accidental discoverer of Nixon's great secret. It's never the ones you expect.

(Francis Wheen, 'Strange Days Indeed')

I knew that before 1914, motoring was pretty rare. but I hadn't quite thought through the implication that it was perfectly possible as a result to just ... publish a book with all the cars in it. here: all of Ireland.

(my grandfather's town - a perfectly respectable and prosperous coastal resort - had two thousand people, twelve cars and three motorbikes.)

Bit of serendipity this evening: my slow wind back through the Dylan back catalogue threw up Isis. Which takes place on "the fifth day of May, in the drizzling rain..."

I have to hand it to OSM: this is a whole kind of vandalism we never dreamed of on Wikipedia, and I thought we'd seen everything

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Who's the youngest person to have ever voted in a UK election? Eighteen years-old? Sixteen? How about two?

My article on child voters is free to read for a week on History Today.

@histodons #histodons

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yin cat feeds fat, an hunners sterve.
Dunderheids, we bocht intae grief,
gied up sense fur greed, furgoat brass
barters work, its worth inventit…

—Janet Paisley, “Aw Jock Tamson’s”
in The Golden Treasury of Scottish Verse, @canongatebooks 2021

#Scottish #literature #poetry #InternationalWorkersDay

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“How do you accidentally run for President of Iceland? | by Anna Andersen”

Glad somebody wrote about this because it’s an objectively hilarious UX case study

(And they just announced that eleven people managed to get the requisite number of endorsements in time)

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My thoughts and prayers go out to #voyager1, which after journeying for half a century to reach interstellar space is still expected to answer fucking work emails

Discovered today that while Kodak still sells film, that business is not owned by what's left of Eastman Kodak: it was taken over by their pension fund, which got it in a bankruptcy to settle the deficit, and it's now owned by the UK defunct pensions scheme & film is made under license.

Love the idea of a company ending up just owned by their own pension fund.

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