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Next day:

* decide to shoot new roll of film, there's a game on, that should be fun
* ram knee into bathroom furniture and have to lie down for half an hour swearing gently
* limp down to stadium
* get home, discover yesterday's caffenol recipe was wrong anyway and also the fixer has been sat out all night
* mix fresh batch
* bloody hell it actually worked

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You screen out the noise of cookie popups after a while, but then occasionally you notice the details - ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND SIX advertising partners. Good lord.

Impulse purchase arrived just as I was out for a long walk. What timing.

(Have only used 18mm on DX before - ie 27mm equivalent - so will be interesting to see how different this feels)

Playing around with a macro lens and here is an incredibly garish closeup of a phone screen: I make the "h" about 1.5mm which would have each pixel be approximately 50μm. Neat.

film #17: December, London

(Olympus OM-10, Foma 400)

This one sat in the camera for ages which may have contributed to it being a right pain to develop. Kinked everywhere, had to slice off the last few frames, and all sorts of scratches loading it. But occasional nice bits despite that.

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film #16: September, London.

(Nikon F601, 720nm filter, Rollei Infrared 400)

one week later, I think I hastily ordered a new roll. Feel like I cracked portrait-IR at the end and then have never had a bright sunny day since

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film #15: September, London

(Nikon F601, 720nm filter, Rollei Infrared 400)

First attempts at near-infrared. Came out better than I expected.

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film #14: August, Portrush

(Olympus OM-10, Kentmere Pan 400)

Remarkably I only shot one picture on film when in NI - no idea why. But I like it, despite the window reflection. You can see my grandparents' house from here, if you look closely.

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film #13: July, Kirkwall in the rain and Waverley at night.

(Nikon F601, Foma 400 - lots of halation on the lamps)

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Serendipitously turned this up while trying to confirm his death-date - weird to see a reference to contemporary events that you recognise 185 years later.

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And a fourth: Sir Thomas Charles Style, Bart., who does not seem to have had a very exciting career either before or after Parliament. But I was amused to find this when looking for his obituary.

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Trying to imagine a modern Speaker just corpsing in laughter during one of the great constitutional debates (this is, I think, third reading of the 1832 Reform Act). Would liven things up.

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Reposting @scotlit from a few days ago: Edwin Morgan predicting the weirdnesses of text generation software, 55 years ago.

merryholly happyjolly all!

Took a photo of dinner at the end of the roll to use it up before developing, and so this was a mere ~5 hours from being taken to being posted online.

Can't quite decide if that counts as shockingly fast or laughably slow...

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In 1979, someone managed to get an almost entirely nonexistent record onto one of the more obscure singles charts

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