hm, this might be a fun idea for a future bike tour – just cycle to some place a bit outside of Berlin (maybe an hour or so away), get lost in the streets of some smaller town, then see if I can find my way back home without looking at my phone ^^

feels like it should be possibly challenging but doable overall. (probably a bit harder if it’s an overcast day ^^)

I might want some kind of fail-safe – ask a friend to check my location from time to time and tell me if I’m going completely the wrong way, lest I’m still three hours away from home by 6pm or something like that

(apparently in Komoot “live location” is a premium feature I’d have to pay extra for, but I think both WhatsApp and Telegram have this feature)


@LucasWerkmeister the WhatsApp one can get a bit confused if you are out of signal for a while I think, but sounds a good plan. I've also had success with Glympse if you want to use a standalone service, though I've not used it for a few years

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