I have a preprint out estimating how many scholarly papers are written using chatGPT etc? I estimate upwards of 60k articles (>1% of global output) published in 2023. arxiv.org/abs/2403.16887

How can we identify this? Simple: there are certain words that LLMs love, and they suddenly start showing up *a lot* last year. Twice as many papers call something "intricate", big rises for "commendable" and "meticulous".

@generalising We also have the discussion if our students should still be allowed to use Grammarly etc. as the AI-abilities of these tools increase. What I think should happen: raise overall expectations for writing quality and simply fail papers on grounds of imprecise writing etc. when they are full of flowery AI adjectives. If someone uses AI tools so smartly that a decent argumentation comes out, they probably did put in a lot of work and grey matter. At least that's still the case now.


@mob I wonder a lot about the grammarly thing, but also stuff like "AI assisted search tools". At what point does it cross the line between something we're happy for students to use, and something that's too much? Really hard to say, and very blurry sometimes.

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