I have a preprint out estimating how many scholarly papers are written using chatGPT etc? I estimate upwards of 60k articles (>1% of global output) published in 2023. arxiv.org/abs/2403.16887

How can we identify this? Simple: there are certain words that LLMs love, and they suddenly start showing up *a lot* last year. Twice as many papers call something "intricate", big rises for "commendable" and "meticulous".


Oh, that is delightfully ingenious! Congratulations, & thanks for sharing!

I'd recommend not anthropomorphising LLMs by using the shorthand that they "love" anything, though. Lay people thinking of them as in some way sentient is a problem which needs no encouragement.


@unchartedworlds thanks - and fair point! I normally try to avoid it, but keep falling into the habit of anthropomorphising them to about the same level as recalcitrant lifts...

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