Just got back from two lovely days away to find my toilet is backed up, and upstairs's shower has thus unwittingly spread raw sewage over our bathroom floor.

The plumbing here is very weirdly wired up, but ultimately, this is going to be down to the horrific thing that is "flushable" wet wipes. As it was the two times before.

They're not. Don't.

Also, lesson learned: leave the lid down when going away. The result of an overflow is unpleasant but nothing like as bad as it would be otherwise...

Unexpected development: we did not find any significant amount of wet wipes!

We found a sock.

Someone flushed a sock down the toilet.

I ... have questions.

@generalising I could see how that could happen... esp. if little kids were involved.

At our last house we had a back up the day after we moved in. The culprit was a tampon that had been flushed, expanded over time and collected a seemingly endless amount of dental floss until it formed a more or less solid wall in the pipe...


@IanTheLibrarian all adults I think! And all seemingly equally "well don't look at me I have never owned a sock in my life". Baffling.

Also eek! What a lovely first day experience...

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