Today's surplus-of-old-mysteries thought: it's noticeable how many of these:

a) would be solved trivially with tools of the modern era (phone logs, CCTV, DNA); but also

b) *are* solved by investigative methods that just seem ludicrously implausible now (eg routinely recording serials of banknotes)

Makes you wonder what the verdict in 2070 on contemporary mystery novels will be. "Strange to think of an era before we could check car route-finding logs"

ISTR someone (possibly Diane Duane) commenting on how much rewriting was necessary to move a story set in the early 1990s forward even 10 or 15 years.
Things changed so much and so fast (in certain specific ways) in the first decade of the long September that it's a bit mind-boggling to look back on.

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