This evening's work has drifted from into legislation: here is a report for all years since 1801 showing the number of distinct public Acts plus a rough indicator of where we may have gaps.

Broadly, decent coverage 1801-1870 but with a few gappy years; partial 1870-1960; pretty good after that.


at the moment I'm trying to get the Parliament linked-data IDs in place - currently on about 5000 with an ID out of 13500 identified Acts, versus 17500 in the Parliament source data. Another 7500 matches (same short title + year + chapter number) just going in, so by the end of the evening we'll have an attached ID for pretty much all the extant ones.

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Also, I have data for number of acts (Public, private & Local), 1660 - 1921, if you want to see what percentage are in wikidata.

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