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Mr. 7: It’s not fair that your class gets hot chocolate!
Ms. 5: Only on days that are cold
Mr. 7: _Every day in London is cold!_

In honor of all the announcements of new jobs for Labour politicians, I also have a new job! I'm going to be joining the engineering team at Relay Technology in August. Looking forward to building out faster, greener deliveries here in the UK and beyond!

Fun thought from Deb Chachra’s book “How Infrastructure Works”:

The water in your tap flows miles, possibly tens of miles, as fresh, potable water. Then in the space of inches, as it falls from your tap to the drain, it transforms into wastewater, where it begins its journey of possibly miles to the water treatment plant and then out into the river or sea.

Today is the 20th birthday of our elder statescat, Callahan J Fluffypants, Esq.!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but I’m on the job market! Looking for EM or staff+ IC roles hiring in London. Let me know if you or someone you know is hiring!

Also, shout-out to @letsencrypt for dramatically changing the security landscape of the Web for the better over the years.

Rarely is there an example of a project so effective and so directly improving everyone's lives, while at the same time keeping the original engineering mindset and just Doing Stuff Right™ humbly in the background.

Next November it will have been exactly a decade since LE started. We all owe them a huge 10th birthday party.


I loved this:

1. How many photons does Voyager send per bit transmitted?
2. Many photons are received per bit received?
3. How close are we to the theoretic lower limit of what we need to receive


autotools be like

checking for number system base ... base 2
checking for signed integer system ... twos complement
checking for galaxy ... milky way
checking for laws of the universe ... standard model

Today I've inspected rail track maps, heard Baba O'Riley played entirely by percussion, and started expanding a C# Windows application I didn't write. It's been a good day.

🚨New Engineer Guy Video🚨

If you don’t know the Engineer Guy, be prepared to lose several days learning about how everything from microwaves to NERF guns works. He doesn’t come out with a new video very often, so it’s big news when he does!


Helping kids learn to read really exposes how little I understand the rules of English. How do you know what sound a C makes? I think it’s impossible.

I was reading a thing that described monthly updates as “a version of social media that respects attention and focus”, and it’s made me want to start a monthly update series.

I learned today about the experimental novelist B. S. Johnson*, who made books that had things like holes in pages so you could see what was going to happen later in the book or middle chapters that you could read in any order, which sound fascinating. I’m also really curious if he had any part in inspiring Bloody Stupid Johnson from Discworld.

* en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/B._S._

KitKat has a dark chocolate mint flavor in the UK and it’s the closest thing to Thin Mints that you can get in this country

@mjd My objection to the sun moving clockwise across the sky is not that I think it moves counterclockwise, but that it obviously doesn't move at all. If you look at it, it's clearly stationary. Yes, it's at different places in the sky at different times of day, but it's definitely not moving.

(This is pretty much my instinctual feelings about the sun, I think because I spend so little time outdoors in a single place paying attention to it, so I effectively never experience motion.)

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